Ours is the largest Teacher Training Institute in Maharashtra run by M.V.P. Samaj , Nasik. The unique feature of our institution is to provide vertical mobility form Bachelors to Doctorate degree in Education.

Teaching is conceptual and intellectual, abstract and concrete, creative and sequential. It’s about content, heart, minds, the past, the future- whatever we can imagine; teaching and learning are both causes and effects. We believe it’s our responsibility as teacher educators to nurture and develop every trainee teacher’s maximum potential. Trainee teachers are continually encouraged to fulfill their diverse learning needs to become techno savvy and global teachers and develop a concern and respect for teaching profession. We expect all trainee teachers to focus on achieving their cherished goal and strive hard to accomplish excellence. We want to give you the best education through our exceptionally brilliant and academically competent faculty.We want to develop self-confidence, teaching competency, scientific approach, and research attitude in budding teachers. In this temple of learning it will be our endeavor to infuse in our teacher trainees self respect, courage uprightness and pragmatic wisdom through its various campus activities. We are committed for developing perspectives in education, engagement with teaching learning process and pedagogical approach.

We are the producers of the future teachers so the devotion, sincerity and honesty with punctuality from teachers is the basic necessity for the upliftment of the institute through the common efforts of teachers and teacher trainees. Our goal is to provide teaching professionals with affordable, high-quality options to advance your education and career as a teacher.

We’re here to help you to be the best you can be!

Dr. Chandrakant Borase
M.Sc , M.Ed , SET, Ph. D.