Ques 1 : Who can be the member of library?


  • All students admitted in the college
  • All faculty members of the college.
  • College Authorities.
  • Research Associates and Temporary faculty of the college.
  • Educational Institutes i.e. school / colleges in the Campus by ILL

 Ques 2 : What can be photo copied?

Ans: Whole book cannot be photo copied but some important part of the book which is very long to write down can be photocopied without disturbing the binding of the book.
Ques 3: How do I borrow reference book?

Ans: It can be issued by special permission by the Principal and Librarian for a suitable & honest purpose only.

Ques 4 : How to use reference books?

Ans: The reference books are of  different types. As per the requirement, the  references are given to them. The staff provides  ideas or strategy for when, which and how the reference book are to be used.

Ques 5 : How to use e-resources?

Ans: Logins are provided to each department. Students can take from them or it is available in internet rooms. Using various logins, e-resources are used. In the first week orientation programme is conducted for introduction of library and its collection. Internet room observer guides if any problem.


Ques 6 : What is OPAC?

Ans: OPAC is an Online Public Access catalogue of the library collection to search relevant book or reference.